Stay Safe During the Coronavirus(COVID-19) Pandeminc

We do not take being an essential service lightly, Caring Hands Healthcare Services is committed to keeping seniors safe at home. Your homes are the safest place to be right now, and we are ready to help you care for your loved ones.

we're open 24/7, please click the button to get a hold of us at anytime.


An Essential Service; Available 24/7

As an essential service provider, Caring Hands Healthcare Services will continue to operate  throughout the Coronavirus pandemic to make sure you get the support and care you deserve. Call us at 289-241-4633.

We take your health seriously

To promote the health and safety of our clients and Caregivers, and to mitigate the risk of spread and exposure of COVID-19, we have put into place a number of safety protocols.

Government Exposure Protocol

At Caring Hand Healthcare Services we follow all local health authority guidelines in regards to screening, testing and self-isolation procedures.

Strict Hygiene

Caring Hands Caregivers and staff all adhere to strict hygiene standards to suppress the spread of coronavirus and other contaminants.

Daily Symptom Screening

Caring Hands Healthcare Services caregivers go through a daily COVID-19 screener to ensure they are healthy and able to visit all our clients.

Personal Protective Equipment

To reduce the transmission of infection, our Caregivers are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment.

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