Are you seeking Home-care services for yourself or a loved one in need? Are you comparing the difference between private caregiver services? If you are, we hope this article will summarize the main things to consider when looking into a Home-care Agency. 


When you are seeking a private caregiver, you have to speak candidly and honestly with those that care for you and know you. Honest feedback is a very important aspect when looking into what type of personal-care you need, and only from the right people can you get the right kind of help. Doctors care for their patients and will advise on any medical related assistance you need and they can give you the details the caregivers need to facilitate your care. Also, they are most likely to interact with your caregiver at some point during your care, so it is important to involve them and from the get go. 

There is nothing like family and friends, they know your needs, and they care enough for you to go the extra mile when finding the perfect caregiver for you. Your family and friends are your initial caregivers, so it is important to understand if they will provide the same kind of assistance or if a caregiver will be hired to take care of some of the tasks. Family and Friends will also give you some insight into some areas you might not think of or have not noticed. In terms of help, family and friends can give agencies their thoughts on the overall upkeep of certain household tasks, errand running and personal hygiene , etc. you might have missed. This is why the feedback and advice is crucial and will give you a more realistic idea of the help you need. 


Once you’ve gotten feedback from those that care for you, it is time for you to assess the help you believe you need, what you need it for as well as how often you need it. 

Go through your activities of daily living(ADL), this will help you pinpoint and discover where you need assistance from a caregiver. 

Here are some ADLs:

  • Personal Hygiene and grooming
  • Bathing and showering
  • Getting dresses 
  • Mobility (everyday activity)
  • Toilet hygiene  
  • Eating (diet, self-feeding)


Your finances are always going to be a big part of your care, knowing what you can afford is a very crucial part of the decision making process. Explore the financial resources available to you, government reimbursement, insurance coverage etc. to identify how much you can spend on caregiving services. With a clear budget, your selection of caregivers gets dramatically narrower.

Now down to the meat and potatoes of the subject at hand:


Now, finding a homecare agency should not be a daunting task. In fact, those close to you can often direct you and they can be very useful resources such as these:

  • Referrals

There is nothing as reliable as the word of mouth, trust those around you. Referrals from your doctor, friends, family and close relatives are very invaluable.

  • In-home care Directory 

There are a lot of directories that you can access online with the contact information of your local agencies. (Always contact your Local Health Integration Network for quick referrals, )

  • Contact Caring Hands Home Healthcare Services inc @ +1-289-241-4633


Once you’ve found a few agencies, the time comes for you to speak with them to see if they can help you with your specific needs. 

All agencies have representatives or nurses that will pay you a visit or schedule and interview with you. Each agency will have different questions to ask in order to find out what type of help you need. However, this is where you jump in to ask questions of your own and verify some important things before making a decision.

Follow this recipe when interviewing agencies:

  • Background checks for in-homecare candidates or PSWs they employ/hire.
  • How much experience do the PSW’s offer?
  • Medical training and licensed candidates if you require medically qualified assistance.  
  • The caregivers/PSWs availability, support staff, backup staff or live-in services if needed. 
  • Price, price, price
  • Payment plans & financial payments 
  • Will you have to provide food for the care attendant? or will they bring their own food.


It takes time to find the right home-care agency. However, remember that extending kindness, building trust, mutual respect and understanding is something that goes a long way when selecting your caregiver agency. If at any point you find that the caregiver is not a good match, you can always find another one. The agency will always assist you if you have any grievances with your caregiver/PSW, even if you need them to find you a replacement. Whatever your concerns may be, there is always an answer, so do not despair. There are more than enough qualified and skilled caregivers/PSWs out there to assist you with your needs. And remember, it is always your decision which agency you hire and the treatment you receive.

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